Flexibility in cost and location

The Easy Recycle prides itself to be a very flexible service. You can get in touch with us and we provide you the best assistance with regards to your specific location. As a medium-sized business entity, budget is your constraint. We understand it. To help you, we offer low-cost trade waste management and waste collection services on flexible contracts.

24/7 availability

We pride ourselves on first-rate customer service – and you can get in touch with your service manager at any time of the working day. We have a customer service commitment ensuring you are kept updated every 24-hour. We meet all the legal requirements specified by the UK Government – and we provide duty of care notes annually as a standard part of our service – at no extra cost.

Waste Collection Pre-Treatment and Operations

The rules stipulate that all waste must be pre-treated before being dumped in landfills. It means that either the waste collected is recycled right there at your premises or has to be sent to other locations for recycling before the rest can be sent to landfills. We generally prefer onsite recycling. The waste collection companies that we employ use transfer stations rather than landfills.Our charges are among the lowest in the industry and range from simple single-site waste collection service to large-scale multi-site and multi-service waste collection and recycling operations. Whatever may be the scale of your business and the generation of waste, we are fully geared to cater to your needs. Just a call to us will clarify all your doubts.

Exclusive focus on medium-sized business enterprises

The Easy Recycle offers exclusive waste management, recycling and waste collection services for medium-sized business enterprises. Waste collection, recycling and waste management, you can avail any of these services with us. Across London region, we cater to commercial waste recycling needs to a cross-section of businesses. Desks & pedestals, paper & packaging, waste chairs, old work stations, office furniture, and paperwork or computer parts, scrap metal, heavy machinery and rubbish, paper, plastic, cardboard, cans, food, glass, printer cartridges, electrical appliances, and so on, we can handle every kind of business waste. The Easy Recycle can easily recycle 70% of your business waste.